Today I decided I was in the mood to mix it up a little bit. I just bought a gorgeous pair of shoes from Zara – on sale, of course – and needed to find something to balance the very strong ochre color in the snake pattern. Starting with my basic skinny black pant, also from Zara (often my Monday morning go-to), I paired it with a sleeveless print top from Melanie Lyne that I love. It has a deep, muted palette of blue, ochre, green and purple – all on a black ground. Since the shoe and top both have a black base and the same shade of ochre, it was an instant match! I added a leopard print blue and white jacket, also from Melanie Lyne, on top to complete the look. Mixing patterns is easier than it seems. The key is to balance the scale of the patterns so they don’t compete with one another.

The larger scale floral top balances out the smaller scale leopard jacket. The snake print on my shoes is separated by the black pant and also balances out the two patterns on top. The final verdict: a perfect mix!


Here’s a detail of a chunky gold link chain from Dynamite I chose to wear (a gift from my dear friend).


A close look at the mix and some bold (and gold, of course!) accessories.

outfit_detailThe complete look finished off with my classic Michael Kors camel handbag.

mixedprints2mixedprints1Hope you enjoyed today’s post!

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