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This is one of my typography prints that I designed for a client of mine. I can’t express how much these words mean to me. I think we can all relate to this is some way. In our busy and hectic lives it’s so easy to fall under the pressure of stress and hardships. It’s so easy to look at others and think we wish we had their lives. The most important thing to remember is we are all the same and we ALL fall on hard times that test our strength along our journey. We can’t rise above and have peaks without the lows and the valleys. Although it’s almost always impossible to see it while we’re dealing with it, these moments and experiences are gifts – and when we begin to pick ourselves up and see things in a brighter light, we realize how strong we actually are. Weakness is not a bad thing. It’s real and allows the energy to manifest into a great strength. Celebrate everything that you are and always remember, you are strong, always! Have a fantastic Wednesday! xo

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