The latest mix of pattern in our dining room.

Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing great this week! Today I’m featuring our updated dining room, what I call the remix! This is our dining room which I’ve shown you before. This is one of my favorite spaces in our home. What I love about dining spaces, is that you can have so much fun with your decor. It’s our ‘formal’ dining room, but really isn’t formal at all. It’s a very small space (which is why I have two open walls) but it’s cozy and inviting. We can squeeze 8-10 people in here believe it or not! I bring extra chairs and stools – it’s a very casual experience. I love to sit and have coffee here or read a book. It’s still not complete however – I’ve been on the hunt for vintage Chinese Chippendale chairs to add (inexpensive ones!) and the perfect chandelier. I haven’t found either yet. This light fixture is too small, I know, but it will have to stay until I find the one I want that’s in my budget of course!


This was taken last summer – you can see a very big difference! The rug here was always too small and I’d been looking for the right one since I put it here as a placeholder. I do love that zebra though, and I’ve always loved how it echoes the painting. I think my photography skills have slightly improved!

I posted this shot last summer for you – not the greatest photo but you can see the feeling of the mix starting to happen…I do love the very coordinated look of this though with the matching drapes and pillows.


This was the dining room around the time we moved in 5 years ago or so.

This was taken before there was much in here. I definitely had a vision with the white drapes to temper the black walls, with a slightly global feel to it. However there wasn’t much more in the room that solidified that for me. Slowly I added the drapes, matching pillows (both made by a friend) and cabinets, which  all helped create the feeling I was after.


I love to have a collection on the table top which is constantly changing. I guess this has been happening for about a year or so now!

Then along came this indoor/outdoor rug from Target. It was for the patio originally and my girlfriend suggested trying it in here. One look and I was absolutely smitten! I was not sure this navy would be the right color in here, or how it would  mix with all the earth tones of browns, greys and yellows. I’m in love…


You’d think having these two rugs right near each other wouldn’t work, but somehow it just does and I truly love the addition of this color and the slight tension it creates in the space.


The collection as it is today! Tomorrow may be a different story. I love how everything blends together so well here .

I wanted you to get a glimpse of the pillows behind this mix of objects so you can see how everything comes together here.


A close up view. The foo dog and patterned dish reinforce the newly added blues.

How I love this new little foo dog and patterned dish – A couple of new finds that were less than $20 combined at HomeSense last week.


The pillow combo up close.

I brought these red, white and blue ikat printed pillows out from storage to try in here, as I was curios to see if they would help tie the blue of the rug into the room…I really think they look fabulous!


You get the idea by now, I’m sure. I can honestly say that this has been an evolution over the past 5 years. It’s amazing how our tastes can change over time and the things we might first see and think we don’t like, we end up loving. I may have thought at one time this look would not be for me, or that I wouldn’t be able to achieve it…but I’ve most definitely learned that through trial and error come amazing results. I truly hope you learned a little something today! xo

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  1. Jennifer Madrick
    March 8, 2016 at 11:29 AM (6 years ago)

    Hi Tamara,

    I’m sure you hear it A LOT, but your style is beautiful, unique and full of personality!! Do you ever share sources on paint colors, furniture etc?

    Would love some direction,

    Thanks so much,

  2. tamaraanka
    March 9, 2016 at 9:10 AM (6 years ago)

    Thank YOU so much, Jennifer! I’m really happy to hear you’re looking for direction! Some of my more recent posts have links and sources, as I’ve only just started to list them. That being said, look out for a dining room post with source links so you can find some direction! Thanks for visiting and for your encouraging words!! xoxo

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