It’s been quite a while and I’m finally back with a post to share with you. I’m so happy it’s Fall, because I can get back to focusing on my blog. Our summer was great and very relaxing but I’m so happy to get back into the swing of the school year. Today I’m sharing a setup I did for a Fall tablescape.  Most of you know how I love to mix metals and materials. Adding different textures is also a great way to create interest. I shot these photos with different filters and at different times of the day, so you’ll see various lighting. I also switched up the accessories a little bit for a variation on the same idea. Take a look and hopefully you’ll get some ideas to create your own table for your guests this Fall.


A bird’s eye view.

I love layering textures. Here there are three layers – For the base I used a silvery blue set of drapes I had in storage – yes, drapes! They’re silky and have a great texture. Next, I had a piece silver fabric, leftover from my wedding believe it or not, and I use it for a table cloth often. Here, I folded it and ran it lengthwise like a runner. Then I took two runners in a gold print cotton fabric and ran them the opposite direction, across facing place settings.


Another bird’s eye view of two settings.


You can get a sense of the layers from this angle.

I used several different items as the centrepiece. I used various pieces from my collection of mercury glass pumpkins, candle holders, and I also purchased some extras like this sophisticated ceramic acorn. Most of these are from HomeSense. Of course, my classic hurricanes are often on my tables. They never get old!


A close up view.


I love how it all mixes with my ikat pillows and drapes.

I like to think of this look as sophisticated with a touch of glam, yet there’s an earthiness too it that I also love. Nothing here is too precious.


The mercury glass shimmers in the candlelight…so gorgeous!


Here you can see how all the fabrics work layered together in the space.

I picked up some branches and glass containers to use on top of my cabinets. I wanted to frame the table for impact as you enter the room.


I love the pop of green in the pears.

Here I swapped the silver pumpkins for my green pears that I’ve had forever! These were put away in storage and they work perfect for a fall table.


Another candlelit view from above.

There’s just something so magical about all the candles and reflective accessories that I absolutely love.


I know my guests really appreciate these little candle sconces on the walls too – just another layer for added ambiance.

Here you get a glimpse of the view from the table and my wall sconces which add another cozy layer to the space.


A peek into the family room from the dining room – you get a sense of the space here as well.

It’s a nice view from here and I do love being able to see across into the family room.


Here’s a daytime shot – you can really see how vibrant it is in this light!

The brightness of the pears adds some nice punch but goes well with all of the metallics and still keeps the theme sophisticated and elegant too. You can also see the branches in the glass jars more clearly here and how they frame the table. I love the mustard hue against my black walls.


We served our first fall meal here the other night. Our friends really loved the whole setting.

I will typically put all of the food on the table, casual family style, so everyone can help themselves. This time I plated everything in the kitchen and I realized how much easier it is to entertain this way – fewer dishes to clean up afterward and it’s really elegant as well.


How beautiful are all of these together?

It’s neat how it all comes together – I’ve bought everything on here at different times and yes, although it’s been used together before, I’m very happy how it works with some of the other accessories I had as well.


I still love my black wall color. I’ve debated so many times whether or not to change it, but it really does give the dining room and our eating experience a cozy feeling that’s enveloping.


My favorite view.

I tried to make sure everything was visually balanced but really there’s no rules here. I simply filled the holes as I layered everything together.

I hope you found some inspiration for your next gathering this Fall. Don’t be afraid to group things together that you might not necessarily think of. Just like any decorating, tables are fun to create and the joy is in experimenting with them. I didn’t have a plan when I built this, I simply found what I had already and started from there. You can do it too, it’s simple and so worth it for your guests – they’ll appreciate that you took the time for them!


  1. Gretchen Thomas
    October 28, 2015 at 10:40 PM (6 years ago)

    Your “scrapes” are absolutely superb! I would love to take a peek in your linen closet and china cabinet. The end result is amazing!

  2. tamaraanka
    October 29, 2015 at 5:03 PM (6 years ago)

    Thank you so much, Gretchen! If I only had a true china cabinet and place to store all my linens! They are all over my house in different places haha! I’m so happy you like this, thank you for your lovely comments!! xo

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